5.1 inch Screen 16MP 4K 1080P 60FPS HDMI USB & WIFI Digital Microscope Camera 150X C-mount Lens with IMX206 SONY Sensor HY-1070

    5.1 inch Screen 16MP 4K 1080P 60FPS HDMI USB & WIFI Digital Microscope Camera 150X C-mount Lens with IMX206 SONY Sensor HY-1070


    Price: $ 378

    Model: HY-1070



    HY-1070 is a multifunctional digital microscope individually designed, developed and manufactured by Shenzhen Hayear Electronics Co., Ltd.

    Different from many inferior product on the market, each part of our product is of high quality. It realizes Full HD, high object distance and multifunction.

    With help of the Hayear measuring software, it can easily meet many different requirements in many fields, such as industrial overhaul and teaching demonstration.

    You will get an excellent user experience not only the appearance design of the product but also the multifunction when you receive it.


    Model number: HY-1070

    Image Sensor : 16 Megapixel SONY CMOS 1/2.3 HD Sensor

    Video Output : 4K/2K/1080P Full HD (via HDMI) ;1080P (via USB)

    Video Format : MP4

    Magnification: Standard Magnification 150X

    Photo Resolution : 16M 4608x3456, 14M 4320x3240,12M 4032x3024, Min 640x480

    Photo Format : JPEG

    Focus Range : 5cm to 15cm

    Frame Rate : 4K 24@fps;1080P 60@fps; 720P 120@fps; Max 240f/s (VGA)

    Video Output : HDMI/USB

    Microphone : Support

    Storage : TF card storage, max 64G

    PC Support : Support Windows XP/7/8/10 system, including PC measuring software

    WiFi : Microscope support WIFI connection (the connection range is about 15 meters)

    Stand Size :17*11*20cm(LxWxH)

    Screen Size :5.1 inch

    Package Size : 28*22*17cm

    Weight: 1.9Kg

    Shipping Weight : 3.0 kg

    TF card storage is only for HDMI output. USB output will be storaged in PC.

    Package including:    

    1 x Microscope Camera

    1 x 150X Lens

    1 x Table Stand

    1 x Power Supply

    1 x USB Line

    1 x HDMI Line

    1 x Remote Control

    1 x User Manual

    connection and output

    Besides of the output to the microscope screen itself, HY-1070 still has 3 kinds output as HDMI, USB and

    TF card storage. The below is an aerial view of the different ports of the main device, we will expand it in the later chapters.

    1: TF card storage ( to storage photo or video)

    2: USB output (output to the PC via USB line)

    3: HDMI output (output to the HDMI monitor via HDMI line)

    4: Microscope power supply

    5: USB power supply for microscope

    6: Base double lamp power supply

    7: USB DC in( provide power to microscope and LED light)

    8: LED light adjustment (control the brightness of the light)

    9: turn on/off button

    10: menu button

    11:button down

    12:button up

    13:confirm button

    14:mode switch(capture/video/view)

    HDMI output 

    First, make sure the connected monitor is hd monitor, otherwise the resolution can not reach 1080P 

    Second, power on the microscope and connect it to the hd monitor, make sure there is power on when

    using since there is no built-in battery. 

    Third, turn on the microscope, put the observation on the platform and adjust the working distance,

    the video signal will switch when you connect the microscope to other device, therefore the screen itself

    can not work under the HDMI output. 

    Under the HDMI output, the microscope can take picture, but can not record video.


    USB output

    S-EYE is an application for imaging a dynamic image processing , it has the following characteristics:

    1.        Support a variety of cameras, can switch at any time to use.

    2.        using GPU rendering for image previewing, support for live image display of high-resolution and high frame rates.

    3.        Support dynamic image measurement function.

    4.       The software interface is easy to operate.


    WIFI connect setting

    First use

    Step1: download APP

    You can download it as follows:

    IOS users search for "WiFi Camera" in the APP Store to download

    Android users search for "WiFi Camera" in application stores to download

    First step: open the WIFI function through remote control, WIFI function can be only open by remote

    control, then it will display the account and password, the account is: HY-1070d9eea30d21c0


    Second step: open the WIFI on the mobile phone, you can check the  WIFI network HY-1070  then click to

    connect, it will show a tick when connect success, open the WiFi Action Camera APP to connect Camera.